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The Company
Company: SelectOut Inc.
SelectOut was started withe the "simple" mission of 'Improving Privacy Online'. Started in 2010 by Calvin Pappas (below), the website at selectout.org was initially a test to see if you could control what companies tracked you online. This site expanded and grew and now has well into the dozens of millions of opt-outs set and is continuing to grow.

Since the initial launch of opting-out, I have seen a great demand in privacy tools not only for everyday internet users but entrepreneurs and website/application owners as well. Everything from privacy policies and terms of service agreements to controlling what third-party apps can access user information and everything in-between is a fairly new area that people are finally taking seriously. I have since been working to develop tools to simplify the privacy settings for websites through tools that benefit both website owners and website visitors.

If you would like to partner with SelectOut or learn more, please email me at privacy [at] selectout [.] org
Calvin Pappas
Founder: Calvin Pappas
I am the sole founder of SelectOut and self declared privacy advocate. With the simple goal of improving privacy online, I started SelectOut when I was 19 with a simple Opt-Out engine. This brought on quite a bit of attention and led to me working to create this into a full business.

I started coding in 8th grade and made websites for local companies in High School. In college I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska and went to San Francisco for an internetship in the tech industry where I was able to make great connections and learn about the business development side of things. Having also grown up in politics, I saw online privacy as a great area to combine both interests (tech + policy) and attempt to change the world...for the better.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions please feel free to send me an email at calvin [at] selectout [.] org