Booming Tech Hubs at East London

Just around the past decade, anybody with mention of tech businesses was somewhat presumptuous to base their imaginings around the towering hubs at Silicon Valley, CA. However, as more and more European ventures are taking the advent of tech powered industries seriously, some European cities are quickly entering the race towards the ultimate tech nirvana. Our primary focus throughout this article will be centered on the tech hubs sprouting around the East London blocks.

East London houses almost every supporting infrastructure for tech startups – from venture capitalists to advertising companies besides our traditional tech fronts. Since 2010, there has a staggering rise of 46% in the growth of tech industry that now employs more than 200,000 employees. This growth in the industry could not have come at an opportune time when European leaders are struggling to push the economy from the stagnancy of recession (courtesy of htTech Clubstp://

According to a research conducted by EY, London has attracted more projects in the recent years than its European rivals at the same field. One reason for such lead in the industry is the consequence of being more open to non-European businesses looking for technological breakthroughs for their own ventures.

The whole scene has exploded in a booming industry with certain areas around focusing on varying interest. For instance, the Croydon Tech City towards the south of the city is emerging hub for game development businesses. National statistics also claims that the borough has the highest density of startup bubble than any other regions.

To house the growing number of talents occupying the desks at the tech spots, the city has undergone remodeling, that has reduced housing cost and has enabled realtors to lease top grade, cheaper office spaces to budding ventures.

This block also houses some of the FutureFifty ventures, as spotted by U.K. government that enjoyed an increase of 63% in capital generation from international ventures in 2015. Government funding has also enabled businesses to scale up according to demand for services, creating a flexible, dynamic model that harbours greater profitability for future. While not wholly dominated by the big ventures, smaller and independent start ups are also emerging with newer services and product lines to carve out newer needs for consumers. Such mechanics of need generation in order to promote businesses is often powered by crafty, subtle ad campaigns, for which, there are options to choose from around the block.

Tech industries are fueled by expert engineers and Imperial’s newer campus at White City will serve as an excellent breeding ground for future potentials. As mentioned before on the subdivisions of area based on unique industry service addressee, it has become customary for these niche areas to form their own “clans” surrounding their workspace.

The tight knit tech city of East London has proved that with careful planning and right infrastructure, it is possible to revamp an existing city block into a well of fortune driven by tech savvy individuals, working beyond the average weekly hours to promote the “next big thing”.


Business in Shoreditch is booming

In spite of the existing challenging overall economy, the commercial property industry in the UK is experiencing unprecedented opportunities and commercial property Shoreditch is not any exception. As predicted by numerous real estate investment opportunities consultants and international property consultants, although you will find darker clouds about, the commercial property market in the UK undeterred of the existing international slowdown.

Shoreditch is one of bustling neighbourhoods of London. It is a place that is bringing up communities and also developing the same. This area has been a home to fashion in London that too for many years. This place has a culture, popular among youngsters. The focus is mainly on the urban lifestyle of food, clothing, drinks, music and other social activities. The place has had a very laid back attitude in the past. An attitude of hedonism is now prevailing at this place.


Setting Up a Business in the UK

Setup BusinessIf you are in Bitcoin then you need staff, which is why you are thinking of London. But where are you going to staff bitcoin recruitment. When looking forward to setting up a business in the UK you first have to decide its legal structure. The most common structures are sole traders (when you are the only “employee”), limited companies, and partnerships. Make sure you choose the one that brings the most advantages to your specific situation. After having done this step, you should register your company. The way you should register your business depends on its legal structure.

– For sole traders, you should have a national insurance number, register for self-assessment tax (meaning either you or your accountant will calculate your business’ taxes), and choose a business name.
Important note: In all cases, make sure no other business has the name you plan to have. You can do so by checking the Companies House register.

– For limited companies, also choose name and register your business in the Company House register. Make sure to appoint at least one director and one shareholder. On top of this, you should have articles of association (which are rules regarding how your business’ inner operations). Finally, you should set up your business for Corporate tax. Remember that your personal and business tax are two different things.
– The process for setting up a partnership is very similar to the process to set up a sole trader company.